POCO M6 Pro 5G Review: Budget Excellence

POCO M6 Pro 5G Review: Budget Excellence

POCO M6 Pro 5G Review: Budget Excellence:

The POCO M6 Pro 5G has created quite a buzz in the budget smartphone segment. With its attractive design and economical pricing, it promises a lot.

Equipped with a Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 processor, a 5000 mAh battery, and a 50MP camera, it offers a balanced mix of performance and features. But how does it fare in real-world usage?

Having used the POCO M6 Pro 5G for a few weeks, I found its performance to be quite satisfactory for everyday tasks. The device runs smoothly, thanks to its Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 processor, and the 6GB RAM ensures multitasking without any lag.

However, the battery life was a bit of a letdown, especially with heavy usage. The 5000 mAh battery drains faster than expected, and the 22.5W charger, though fast, isn’t enough to keep up with frequent charging needs.

Design and Build Quality


The POCO M6 Pro 5G boasts an impressive design with a sleek Power Black finish. The build quality is generally good, although some users have noted that it feels slightly heavy and the back glass cover can attract fingerprints easily. Despite these minor drawbacks, the phone’s appearance is attractive and modern, making it a stylish choice in its price range.



The device features a 17.25 cm (6.79 inch) Full HD+ display that offers decent brightness and color reproduction. While some users have mentioned that the brightness does not reach the claimed 1300 nits, the display is still satisfactory for everyday use. The screen resolution is 1080p, which provides clear and vibrant images, although it does not support higher resolutions for video streaming on platforms like YouTube.

Performance and Processor


Powered by the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 processor, the POCO M6 Pro 5G delivers good performance for its class. Users have reported smooth operation with no significant lagging issues, even during moderate gaming sessions. The device comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM, which can be expanded up to 1 TB, providing ample space for apps and files.

Camera Quality


The phone is equipped with a 50MP + 2MP dual rear camera setup and an 8MP front camera. While the rear camera performs well in good lighting conditions, the front camera has received mixed reviews for its quality. Some users find the camera suitable for basic photography but not ideal for high-quality vlogging or professional use. The night vision capabilities are decent, providing fairly clear images in low light.

Battery Life


With a 5000 mAh battery, the POCO M6 Pro 5G offers good battery life for regular use. However, some users have noted that the battery drains quickly during intensive tasks or when 5G is enabled. The device includes a 22.5W fast charger, but many users prefer slow charging to extend battery longevity. Overall, the battery performance is satisfactory for a phone in this price range.

Software and Updates


The POCO M6 Pro 5G runs on ANDROID with Xiaomi’s HyperOS UMWINXM, which provides a smooth and user-friendly experience. Regular software updates help maintain the device’s performance and security. Some users have mentioned the presence of ads and bloatware, which can be managed by adjusting settings and using developer options to optimize the user experience.

Network and Connectivity


The device supports 5G connectivity, making it future-ready. However, some users have reported issues with the phone displaying 4G+ instead of 5G on certain networks. This can be resolved through developer options or future software patches. The phone also supports various connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared, USB, and GPS (GLONASS).

Audio and Sound Quality

The POCO M6 Pro 5G features a single loudspeaker, which has received mixed reviews for its sound quality and volume. While it is adequate for basic use, it may not meet the expectations of users looking for high-quality audio output. The device includes a 3.5 mm audio jack, allowing users to connect their preferred headphones for a better listening experience.

Storage and Memory

The phone comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 1 TB using a microSD card. This provides ample space for apps, media, and files, making it a versatile option for users with varying storage needs. The performance of the RAM and storage has been praised for its efficiency and speed.

Price and Value for Money

The POCO M6 Pro 5G is considered a value-for-money device, offering a good balance of features and performance at an affordable price. While it has some limitations, such as average camera quality and battery life, it provides a solid overall experience for users looking for a budget-friendly 5G smartphone. The device has a good build quality, decent display, and reliable performance, making it a competitive option in its price segment.


  • Impressive design and economical pricing
  • Good processor performance with no lagging
  • Smooth 5G connection and good battery performance


  • Battery drains quickly under heavy use
  • Pre-installed bloatware and ads
  • Average camera quality, especially front camera


In conclusion, the POCO M6 Pro 5G stands out as a solid budget-friendly option with a few caveats. Its performance, display, and build quality are commendable, but the battery life and pre-installed bloatware might be a turn-off for some.

Overall, if you’re looking for a decent 5G smartphone without breaking the bank, the POCO M6 Pro 5G is worth considering, provided you’re willing to overlook some of its minor drawbacks.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Does the POCO M6 Pro 5G support 5G network?

Answer: Yes, the POCO M6 Pro 5G supports 5G network. However, some users have reported that the phone may show 4G+ instead of 5G, which can be resolved through developer options.

Question: What is the battery life like on the POCO M6 Pro 5G?

Answer: The POCO M6 Pro 5G has a 5000mAh battery, which can last for up to 2 days with moderate use. However, heavy usage and enabling 5G may drain the battery faster.

Question: Is there any bloatware on the POCO M6 Pro 5G?

Answer: Yes, there is some pre-installed bloatware on the POCO M6 Pro 5G. Users can disable ads and remove unnecessary apps to reduce irritation.


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