OnePlus Nord CE4 Review: Value Packed Performance

OnePlus Nord CE4 Review: Value Packed Performance

The OnePlus Nord CE4, with its Celadon Marble finish, is making waves in the mid-range smartphone market. Known for its sleek design and robust performance, this phone is drawing attention from tech enthusiasts and casual users alike.

In this review, we’ll dive into the key features, performance metrics, and user experiences of the OnePlus Nord CE4. Does it truly stand out in its price range? Let’s find out.

Having used the OnePlus Nord CE4 for a few weeks, the first thing that stands out is its incredible battery life. The 5500mAh battery, combined with the 100W SuperVOOC fast charging, ensures that you’re never without power for long. Even with heavy usage, the battery comfortably lasts a full day.

The Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor delivers smooth and efficient performance, whether you’re gaming, streaming, or multitasking. The camera setup, featuring a 50MP main sensor, captures crisp and vibrant photos, making it a reliable choice for everyday photography.

Processor Performance


The OnePlus Nord CE4 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset, ensuring top-tier performance for all your needs. This chipset is known for its efficiency and speed, providing smooth and responsive user experiences whether you’re gaming, streaming, or multitasking. The processor not only enhances the phone’s speed but also optimizes battery usage, making it a great choice for those who need reliability on the go. Additionally, the phone supports blazing download speeds of up to 5Gbps, which allows for seamless mobile gaming and uninterrupted productivity.

Design and Durability


OnePlus has put considerable effort into the design of the Nord CE4, offering it in two distinct colorways: Celadon Marble and Dark Chrome. The Celadon Marble variant is a first for the Nord series and adds a unique aesthetic appeal. The phone is also incredibly durable, designed to withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters onto marble surfaces. This durability ensures that the phone can handle everyday wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for users who lead active lifestyles.

Battery and Charging


The OnePlus Nord CE4 features a powerful 5500mAh battery, which promises long-lasting performance even under heavy usage. The phone supports 100W SuperVOOC charging, the fastest in Nord history, capable of charging the device to 100% in just 30 minutes. This rapid charging capability addresses low battery concerns swiftly, allowing users to enjoy hours of video watching, music listening, and gaming with minimal downtime. The Smart Charging 4.0 feature also optimizes charging habits to prevent overheating and battery aging.

RAM and Storage


With 8GB of RAM and the option for an additional 8GB of virtual RAM expansion, the OnePlus Nord CE4 ensures smooth and efficient multitasking. The phone comes with 128GB of internal storage, which is ample for most users’ needs. For those who require more space, the second SIM card slot supports microSD cards for expandable storage up to 1TB. This flexibility makes it easy to store a large number of apps, photos, and videos without worrying about running out of space.

Camera Quality


The OnePlus Nord CE4 is equipped with a SONY LYT-600 (IMX882) 50MP camera sensor featuring Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This setup ensures that you can capture clear and stable images even in challenging conditions. The camera’s flagship-level RAW HDR algorithm enhances photography performance, particularly for portraits in bright daylight. While the camera may not be the main focus of the phone, it provides reliable performance for everyday photography needs.


The OnePlus Nord CE4 features a Pure AMOLED display with 10-bit resolution and HDR10 capabilities. This ensures vibrant and natural colors, making your viewing experience more immersive. The screen-to-body ratio of 88.5% results in minimal bezels, offering a premium and expansive display. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or browsing social media, the display quality will not disappoint.

Operating System and User Interface

Running on OxygenOS, the OnePlus Nord CE4 provides a smooth and intuitive user interface. OxygenOS is known for its minimalistic design and user-friendly features. It also receives regular updates that introduce new features and improvements, ensuring that the phone remains up-to-date with the latest software advancements. This makes the Nord CE4 a future-proof option for users who want a device that evolves over time.

Audio Quality

The OnePlus Nord CE4 features double stereo speakers that deliver impressive sound quality. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, the audio experience is immersive and clear. The phone also quickly syncs with OnePlus earpods, which are recommended for optimal EQ and bass performance. This makes the Nord CE4 a great choice for audiophiles and media enthusiasts.


The OnePlus Nord CE4 supports a wide range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. It also features GPS with GLONASS for accurate location tracking. The phone’s network capabilities are robust, with fast 5G and 4G performance ensuring smooth and uninterrupted connectivity. Voice Focus mode enhances call quality even in noisy environments, making it a reliable choice for communication.

Build and Form Factor

Weighing just 186 grams, the OnePlus Nord CE4 is lightweight and easy to handle. Its bar form factor is both stylish and ergonomic, making it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods. The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner for added security and convenience. Included in the box are a power adapter, SIM tray ejector, phone case, and USB cable, providing everything you need to get started right away.


  • Powerful Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor for smooth performance
  • 100W SuperVOOC fast charging with 5500mAh battery
  • High-quality AMOLED display with minimal bezels


  • Camera performance is good but not exceptional
  • Heavy charging adapter
  • Limited color options


In conclusion, the OnePlus Nord CE4 is a formidable mid-range smartphone that offers excellent value for its price. With top-notch performance, a durable build, and impressive battery life, it addresses the needs of a wide range of users.

Whether you’re a gamer, a photography enthusiast, or someone who just needs a reliable daily driver, the Nord CE4 is a compelling choice. Its blend of features and performance makes it a standout in its category.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What is the battery life of the Oneplus Nord CE4?

Answer: The Oneplus Nord CE4 has a 5500mAh battery that can last up to 2 days with heavy usage and 3-4 days with moderate usage.

Question: Does the Oneplus Nord CE4 support fast charging?

Answer: Yes, the Oneplus Nord CE4 supports 100W SuperVOOC fast charging, which can charge the phone to 100% in approximately 25 minutes.

Question: How is the camera performance of the Oneplus Nord CE4?

Answer: The Oneplus Nord CE4 features a 50MP SONY LYT-600 (IMX882) camera sensor with OIS, providing clear and stable pictures. However, it may not match camera-centric smartphones.


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