DIGITEK Gorilla Tripod Review

DIGITEK Gorilla Tripod Review

DIGITEK Gorilla Tripod Review

The DIGITEK DTR 260 GT Gorilla Tripod is a popular choice among budding photographers and vloggers. Priced at just ₹378.00, it promises versatility and stability for various shooting conditions.

With a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars and over 26,000 reviews, this tripod has piqued the interest of many. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s delve into the details.

I recently got my hands on the DIGITEK DTR 260 GT Gorilla Tripod and my experience has been a mix of highs and lows. The tripod is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around, especially during outdoor shoots. The flexible legs are a standout feature, allowing me to wrap the tripod around various objects for unique angles.

However, the build quality left me wanting more. While it works perfectly for my smartphone and lightweight camera, it feels flimsy with heavier devices. The clasp lock mechanism is efficient, but I noticed slight wear and tear after a few months of moderate use.DIGITEK Gorilla Tripod Review

Heavy Duty Build


The DIGITEK® (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod is constructed from high-quality ABS, making it a robust and durable accessory for your photography needs. The heavy-duty nature of the material ensures that the tripod can withstand rough usage, protecting your mobile phone, camera, DSLR, and the tripod itself. This durability gives users peace of mind, especially when shooting in challenging environments, knowing that their equipment is secure.

Rotating Sphere Mechanism


The tripod features an anodized finishing rotating sphere, which enhances its load-bearing capacity. This mechanism allows for accurate angle lock, ensuring that your device remains stable at the desired angle for as long as needed. Whether you are using a DSLR camera, mobile phone, or action camera, the rotating sphere mechanism provides comfort and ease of use, even for extended periods.

Portability and Lightweight Design


One of the standout features of the DIGITEK® (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod is its portability. The design is compact and lightweight, thanks to the ABS material used in its construction. This makes it easy to carry around and use throughout the day, whether you are shooting videos or taking photos. The lightweight nature does not compromise its durability, making it a reliable companion for outdoor and indoor photography.

Clasp Lock System


The tripod is equipped with a clasp-based lock system, which ensures that you can lock the tripod at the exact angle you desire. This mechanism is designed to be fail-proof, maintaining the angle even after hours of usage. This feature is particularly useful for capturing time-lapse videos or any scenario where maintaining a specific angle is crucial.

Mobile Attachment and Bluetooth Remote


Included with the tripod is a mobile attachment and a Bluetooth remote, making it versatile for use with DSLR cameras, action cameras, and smartphones. The phone mount securely holds your device in place, and the Bluetooth remote allows for easy shutter release from a distance. This combination makes it an excellent choice for mobile photography and videography.

User Reviews and Feedback


Customer reviews indicate a mixed reaction to the DIGITEK® (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod. Positive feedback highlights its value for money, flexibility, and good grip, making it a favorite among beginners and amateur photographers. However, some users have noted issues with build quality, particularly when used with heavier DSLR cameras, and concerns about the longevity of the rotating ball mechanism.

Versatility in Usage


The flexible legs of the Gorilla Tripod allow it to be used in various configurations, securing your device to almost any surface. This adaptability makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting conditions. Whether you are wrapping it around a tree branch or placing it on an uneven surface, the tripod provides stability and support.

Stability and Support


Despite its compact size, the DIGITEK® (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod offers impressive stability. Its durable construction ensures that your camera or mobile phone remains steady, even in windy conditions or on uneven surfaces. This stability allows photographers to focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about camera shake.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the DIGITEK® (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive design. Both seasoned photographers and beginners will find it easy to assemble and adjust the tripod to suit their needs. The user-friendly features make it a convenient accessory for quick setup and adjustments.

Design and Aesthetics

The Gorilla Tripod boasts a sleek and modern design, which is both functional and visually appealing. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry in a camera bag or backpack. The aesthetic design ensures that you are always ready to capture the perfect shot, no matter where your adventures take you.


  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Flexible legs for uneven surfaces.


  • Build quality feels flimsy.
  • Not suitable for heavy DSLR cameras.
  • Maximum height is not very tall.


In conclusion, the DIGITEK DTR 260 GT Gorilla Tripod is a good budget-friendly option for those starting out in photography or vlogging. Its flexibility and portability make it a handy tool for capturing varied shots.

However, professionals or those with heavier cameras might want to consider a more robust tripod. For its price, it offers decent value, but it’s essential to be aware of its limitations before making a purchase.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is this tripod suitable for heavy DSLR cameras?

Answer: No, it is not recommended for heavy DSLR cameras as the build quality feels a bit flimsy and may not support the weight.

Question: Does the tripod come with a remote?

Answer: Yes, the tripod comes with a Bluetooth remote for easy shutter control.

Question: Can the flexible legs wrap around objects?

Answer: Yes, the flexible legs can be bent and twisted to wrap around objects, providing stability on uneven surfaces.


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